Belfast Health & Social Care Trust

Belfast Health and Social Care Trust decided to trial Steri-Spray showers after seeing them at the IHEEM 2010 exhibition in Manchester. The trust had been experiencing high levels of legionella bacteria on some of their existing showers and were keen to see if Steri-Spray showers offered a solution.

Steri-Spray initially supplied three TMV3 Lever Valve Panel Showers and five Surface Mounted Showers in late December 2010 across three different hospitals, in areas which had been testing positive for legionella. After installation, all of the showers were subjected to rigorous routine legionella testing to identify the level of legionella bacteria in the water, both prior to it entering the shower, and on exit from the shower after Steri-Spray's ultraviolet treatment.

The testing revealed relatively high levels of legionella bacteria on the incoming supply to the showers, with consistently negative legionella results on the effluent. This clearly demonstrated the ability of Steri-Spray showers to treat an infected water supply, whilst also constantly keeping the showerhead free from bacteria during periods of low use.

Since initial installation, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust has ordered a further eight TMV3 Lever Valve Panel Showers and six TMV3 Push Button Panel Showers, which have been placed in locations that had previously tested positive for legionella.

"We have completed our trials, although we are still monitoring out of good practice. All results have been highly satisfactory to date and we have now installed 20 of these units in problem areas. Our Water Safety Group at the last meeting has formally approved the showers for use as a Legionella control measure."
George McCracken, Head of Estates Risk and Environment, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust.