Steri-Spray Installation & Maintenance

Steri-Spray showers have been designed to ensure that installation is quick and easy to complete and maintenance tasks are minimal and simple to undertake.
  • Minimal annual maintenance requirements
  • Low cost spare parts
  • Push fit and hand tight fittings for easy maintenance
  • Easy to de-scale shower roses
  • Spare shower rose for every shower to reduce down time
  • Easy to keep clean and very durable outer casings
Push fit or compression plumbing fittings are used for easy installation to any type of new or existing pipe work or shower fittings. Much like any electric shower, the electrical supply requirement is a 3-amp switch fused spur connected to a protected shower room light or fan circuit.

Annual maintenance consists of the replacement of one low cost UV lamp. The lamp is easy to change; simply remove the security screws on the front cover, pull off the single four pin lamp connector, slide the old lamp out, push the connector onto the new lamp, reset the unit and replace the front cover.

Shower rose de-scaling is unavoidable with all showers but with Steri-Spray the process is designed for ease and to minimise downtime. All Steri-Spray showers come supplied with a spare hand tight rose assembly, allowing the existing rose to be easily removed and replaced with the clean spare rose. The shower is then returned to service, leaving maintenance personnel to de-scale the used rose in safe controlled conditions using a mild de-scaling solution, when it is convenient for them to do so. The clean spare rose can then be kept ready for when de-scaling is next required.

Dependant on water conditions the quartz sleeve and sensor may also need occasional cleaning. Simply remove the front cover, lamp and spacers then remove the hand tight holding nuts. The sleeve slides out easily for wiping with a mild cleaning solution. The sensor is removed using the supplied spanner tool, allowing the lens to be simply wiped off.