How Steri-Spray prevents legionella in showers and shower heads

How Legionnaires disease is contracted from showers / shower heads and your liability

Legionella bacteria occurs naturally in water and given the right conditions can quickly and easily multiply throughout water systems. When water contaminated with Legionella is released into the atmosphere in vapour form, such as the mist produced from shower heads, the bacteria can be inhaled deep into the lungs. Inhalation of contaminated water droplets in this way may lead to the contraction of Legionnaires Disease. Infection with Legionella bacteria is fatal in approximately 12% of reported cases. People who are immuno-compromised or who suffer from respiratory disorders are at the highest risk of contracting Legionnaires Disease.

Under general health and safety law, employers and providers of residential accommodation have to consider the risks from Legionella that may affect staff, members of the public and residents, and take suitable precautions to control Legionella bacterial growth in their water systems, showers and shower heads. The HSE website offers a good source of information for employers, landlords and providers of residential accommodation. Click here to visit the HSE website.
Steri-Spray prevents this risk using unique, patented UV technology designed to:

  • Keep the shower head free from legionella bacteria at all times
  • Treat the incoming water supply to destroy any legionella bacteria that may be present in the feed water as it passes through the unit
Water flows into the unit via a flow regulated inlet pipe and safety latching water valve, it then flows into the UV reaction chamber. Inside the reaction chamber the water passes around the outside of a quartz tube which has an ultraviolet lamp encapsulated inside. Ultraviolet light passes through the quartz tube and penetrates the water, destroying the bacteria present by breaking down the cell wall of the bacteria. The continuous operation of the UV lamp means that it keeps the shower and shower head free from Legionella bacteria even during periods of low use, completely eliminating the need for routine purging or flushing of showers, saving water and time. In addition to Legionella, the UV technology used in Steri-Spray also eliminates other harmful waterborne bacteria.

Failsafe and monitoring devices incorporated into Steri-Spray showers constantly analyse the system to ensure correct operation. In the event of a failure, safety devices will automatically activate to ensure no untreated water can exit the unit, thus there is no need for regular flushing of shower systems.

In addition, a single use flexible shower head attachment that connects directly to any model of Steri-Spray shower is available for those who require the flexibility of a shower hose. Designed to help in the fight against noscomial infections such as MRSA, the Steri-Cleanse also allows easy cleaning of shower areas by domestic staff.

At last there is a clear choice in the commercial shower market that offers legionella prevention, competitive pricing, flexibility and ease of installation.