How Steri-Spray Prevents MRSA Cross Contamination

What is MRSA?

MRSA stands for Meticillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (SA), which is a common skin bacterium that is resistant to a range of antibiotics. If SA bacteria get into the body through a break in the skin, they can cause infections such as boils or an abscess. If they get into the bloodstream they can cause more serious infections, such as blood poisoning.

MRSA infections are most common in people who are in hospital because they are often more vulnerable to infection and / or have an entry point for the bacteria to get into their body, such as a surgical wound.

How the Steri-Cleance showering attachment reduces the risk of MRSA cross contamination

Standard flexible shower hoses in hospitals are handled and used by multiple patients in very close proximity to their vulnerable open and surgical wound areas. This poses a real threat in the fight against patient to patient bacterial cross contamination.

Steri-Cleanse is a response to this threat. It is a single use, sterile shower attachment that connects directly onto any model of Steri-Spray shower with a simple twist on/off motion and is intended for use by patients and their carers during their stay in hospital.

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