Steri Tap PhotoNon touch tap that eliminates legionella bacteria and reduces the risk of bacterial cross infection between users.

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Want more than one? Click here to request more information and a quote. Designed with healthcare facilities in mind, Steri-Tap removes Legionella and other waterborne bacteria from the water supply, whilst also providing a non touch method of operation that reduces the risk of wash basin users spreading nosocomial infection such MRSA.

Steri-Tap incorporates the same UV technology used in Steri-Spray showers to treat the incoming water supply and keep the inside of the tap free from Legionella bacteria at all times. Steri-Tap is operated using a non-touch proximity sensed control, which activates an integral water flow control valve delivering a timed flow of bacteria free blended water from the tap.

Steri-Tap completely removes the need for wasteful water flushing processes or costly and inneficient thermal disenfection procedures.

The Steri-Tap unit is designed to connect to concealed pipe work plumbing fitments where rear ducted access is posssible, with a single inlet feed connected directly after blended water controls.
  • Infrared non touch on/off, timed control unit
  • Single water feed, for use with pre-blended water supplies
  • Hygienic non-touch operation to prevent cross infection
  • Connects to concealed pipework controls
  • Adjustable to wall thicknesses of up to 250mm
  • Safe low voltage 12v power supply
  • Pre-plumbed for easy installation
  • Full Steri-Spray safety and operational features

Steri Tap