Why Choose Steri-Spray Commercial Showers?

Steri-Spray showers offer a number of unique and valuable benefits over standard showers, making them the clear choice in the commercial shower market. Read on to find out more...

Legionella Control
Steri-Spray commercial showers use patented ultraviolet technology to eliminate the risk of legionnaires disease by ensuring only treated water can exit the shower unit. Failsafe and monitoring devices incorporated into Steri-Spray showers constantly analyse the system to ensure correct operation. In the event of a failure, safety devices automatically activate to ensure no untreated water can exit the unit. Click here to find out more about how Steri-Spray prevents legionnaires disease
Rigorous Testing
Steri-Spray shower systems have been tested by NSF International, the largest and most authoritative testing facility in the world, passing Standard 55 Classes A&B, Alarm and Bacterial testing respectively. This testing found that Steri-Spray commercial showers achieve more than double the required germicidal kill rate for Legionella bacteria, without the use of harmful chemicals. Click here to find out more about us.
Cost Effective
Steri-Spray showers are priced competitively with standard commercial showers but offer the added benefit of built-in Legionella control, operating continuously to provide treated water at all times at low cost. With Steri-Spray there is no need for regular flushing of showers, saving time and water. In addition, all Steri-Spray showers incorporate water saving devices to conserve water and save energy. Steri-Spray showers are also economical compared to disposable shower filters, which need replacing monthly and offer no safe guards against over use. Click here to find out more about the Steri-Spray range of showers.
Client Safety & MRSA Prevention
Steri-Spray showers operate on a safe low 12v power supply. Models with thermostatic mixing valves are available for use in vulnerable areas, to control excessive water temperatures and avoid scalding. All thermostatic mixing control valves incorporated into Steri-Spray showers are TMV3 approved. The Steri-Cleanse patient showering attachment can also be used in the fight against patient to patient MRSA cross infection. Click here for more information on Steri-Cleanse.
Easy Installation & Maintenance
There's a model of Steri-Spray shower to suit every application, whether you're renewing your existing showers, retro-fitting or undertaking a new build project. They are designed to be quick and easy to install and require minimal annual maintenance, with push fit and hand tight fittings and easily accessible parts. Just one low cost UV lamp change is required annually and the shower rose design makes de-scaling a simple and quick task. Click here for more information on installation and maintenance.
Vandal Resistant & Anti-ligature Design
Steri-Spray commercial showers are manufactured using tough and durable vandal resistant outer casings made from ABS/Polycarbonate. All of the showers feature anti-tamper security fixings to prevent unauthorised access, backed up by an anti-tamper alarm. Where concerns for client safety are paramount or regulations require showers with an anti-ligature design, the Steri-Spray concealed mounted shower unit offers an anti-ligature designed shape with no external fixings, making it ideal for use in high risk areas. Click here for more information on our concealed shower unit.
Easy Cleaning of the Shower Area
Steri-Spray enables hotels and other facilities to have a fixed shower head (preventing water spillage outside of the bath or shower tray area), whilst maintaining the flexibility to clean these areas with the aid of a Steri-Cleanse flexible hose attachment. Click here for more information on Steri-Cleanse.
Health Care & Less Able Users
Steri-Spray products have been designed to be suitable for the Health Care & Less Able users markets. The Steri-Cleanse showering attachment not only aids in the prevention of patient to patient MRSA cross infection, it also allows care staff to aid less able clients in their showering. Click here for more information on Steri-Cleanse.
UK Owned, Designed & Manufactured
Steri-Spray Ltd is owned by water treatment specialist and Steri-Spray inventor Ian Helmore, in partnership with BBC Dragons Deborah Meaden and Theo Paphitis. Steri-Spray products have, from design through tooling, injection moulding, electronics, product assembly & distribution, managed to maintain quality and aid UK Industry. Click here to find out more about us.